Forest garden seeds 2022/23

Finally, all the seeds I collected in 2022 have been cleaned up and put on my seed list, ready for sowing in 2023. There are all the old favourites, plus a few new things like perennial leek seed, hog peanut/earth bean (Amphicarpaea), crow garlic bulbils, broad beans, zenteika daylily and Nanking cherry – plus a variety of tubers and whole plants or roots cuttings only available in winter.

As usual, everything is open pollinated, meaning that ‘true’ progeny are not guaranteed but excitement is. Everything is offered on an open source basis, meaning that you can do whatever you like with my varieties but you can’t patent or otherwise restrict them. And everything is on a gift economy basis, meaning that the seeds are not free (they cost me a lot of effort), but the prices are up to you.

The full list is at

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  1. Julia Pennycuick

    I would like to order seeds from you can you please give me the instruction on how to so that easily? Thanks for all your efforts truly amazing.


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