One thought on “Courses

  1. Alison

    Just to thank Alan for his recent visit to our property and expertly fulfilling our brief of advice on managing areas of our garden in alignment with forest gardening principles.  
    Alan offered endless suggestions and advice in accordance with our aspirations and in relation to the specifics of our growing space; guidance that we could not have hoped to have garnered from a book or YouTube video.  Quite apart from just having a really nice day, my husband and I are now enthusiastically inspired to follow through on Alan’s advice and implement his suggestions.
    We learned so much and had such an enjoyable day that we asked Alan visit us again to demonstrate and teach us how to prune our fruit trees, which thankfully he was able to do. Our modest orchard is now in optimal shape for the growing season ahead and we feel quite confident that we will be able to continue this essential tree-care independently in the years to come, so – thank you again, Alan


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