If you would like to make a donation you can use one of the methods below. If you need a receipt for your donation, please let me know.

1. Bank transfer
My account number is 87-34-10 71227260 and the name on the account is Mr DA Carter. If you are in the UK, there is usually for no charge (depends on your bank account). Don’t use this method outside the UK as the fees are horrendous.

2. PayPal
Make a PayPal transfer to my email address which is From the UK, this is normally free. Outside the UK, the fee is very small if you are using a bank account or PayPal balance as the source of the money. If you use a credit or debit card the fee is higher and you might want to use option four.
Full fee details are here.

3. Cheque
Send a cheque made out to David Alan Carter to 1d Powis Circle, Aberdeen AB24 3YT.

4. Pay it forward
If you don’t have access to a low-fee way of transferring money, please don’t give all your money to the banks. Find a worthwhile local project and give them a donation instead.