Foraging in the allotment

The boundary between forest gardening and foraging is a fuzzy one. Picking in a forest garden feels more like a condensed foraging experience than convential harvesting. Perhaps because you are usually picking from the plant without uprooting it. Perhaps because the average harvest run usually takes in a dozen or so species rather than just one or two. Perhaps because of the seasonality of it or because a forest garden just feels so much more like the wild.
On Wednesday I’m off to the Scottish Wild Harvests Association Gathering at Cairn O’Mohr Winery (you have to say it aloud) to explore the subject further – and possibly drink some elderberry wine đŸ™‚

One thought on “Foraging in the allotment

  1. dalancarter Post author

    The Gathering was very good – a fascinating bunch of people with a wide range of experience. They are in the process of changing from being a trade association to having a wider role bringing together enthusiasts and promoting sustainable foraging, so I think I’ll join.


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