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Scottish Forest Garden has moved! Not the garden itself, which will be staying firmly in Aberdeen, but the website. After ten years of blogging on a shoestring with a site, I have finally bitten the bullet and paid actual money for a domain name and web hosting. The big advantage for subscribers and users of the site is that I will finally be able to leave those horrible ads behind and the new site will be completely ad free. The new site is also hosted by Green Geeks, who match every watt of energy they pull from the grid with 3 times that in the form of renewable energy via the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

If you’re reading this post the redirect has worked and you are at the new site. Yay! If you subscribed to the old site by email you don’t need to do anything as subscribers have been migrated automatically to the new one – but please let me know if you experience any problems. If you subscribe via you will see new posts in the Reader, but you won’t receive email alerts any more. You might want to subscribe by email here. I’ll pay to redirect to the new site for a year or two, but if you have a site that links to mine it would be great if you could update it with the new address.

6 thoughts on “Moving site

  1. Cal

    Aha, I was initially thrown by the name change, so used to scanning for Of Plums and Pignuts on my list of emails. Glad the redirect worked on email, you are my favourite grower to follow, and to send others to. Thanks for all that you do, and for shelling out to make this an even better experience. Much appreciated.

  2. Clare Gould

    And another one confirming that it works. Thanks for all your efforts – a valuable resource for all of us ‘more northerly’ growers (I’m in North Lancashire).

  3. Deborah Clark

    Not sure I ever connected Alan in Scotland and the YT CHAN P&P but I got both and hope to have a clearer brain soon! Thank you for being there.


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