Seed list for 2022

With the addition of these Chinese quince seeds, that’s the list of the seeds that I have available for sowing in 2022 pretty much complete. Many forest garden seeds need stratification (winter cold). This seems to be in plentiful supply at present, but sowing of these seeds – unless it’s in the fridge – shouldn’t be put off for too much longer.

I now add seeds to the list as they become available, so it’s worth checking back every now and again. I’ve been experimenting with sending out roots and cuttings lately and have added more of these to the list. Unfortunately, for plant health reasons, I can only send these within the UK. As usual, everything is offered on a gift economy basis: this does not mean that they are free, but you can pay, swap or pay forward according to your means.

The full list is at

3 thoughts on “Seed list for 2022

  1. Jane Richmond Young

    Do you do any courses online, Please? Also are there any plants we can grow in a forest that deer will not eat?

    1. Alan Post author

      Hi Jane

      By coincidence, I’ve just posted my courses for this year – see the courses tab. Forest gardening in the sense that I write about isn’t about planting in the forest but about creating a food garden with the structure of a forest. A lot of the plants on this site wouldn’t be at all suitable for planting in the wild. However, if you wanted to enrich a plantation with some native edibles, you could try things like raspberry (not entirely deer-proof, but unless numbers were high you could plant it with some protection and it would spread), wild garlic, nettle, pignut and wild strawberry.


      1. Alan Post author

        Oh, sorry, I’ve just realised that you were talking about online courses. I have done some for other groups but not organised my own. I could do so if there was enough demand – although I find it much easier to talk about when I have concrete examples to show and I’m not staring at a computer.


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